Operations Manager

Wellman's Lawn Care LLC
Job Description

We are seeking an individual who has the will and desire to help grow a thriving Lawn Care Maintenance and Snow Removal Company. The Operations Manager will initially serve as a Manager overseeing Mowing, Maintenance and Snow Removal operation. The applicant will then transition into a Manager position overseeing customer accounts and concentrate on sales for new lawn maintenance and Snow Removal contracts.

Initial duties include:
- Maintenance: Creating schedules, oversee crew work
- Mowing: Creating schedules, oversee crew work for quality standards. 
- Shop: Oversee equipment maintenance and organization
- Cost Control: Work with crews to meet budgeted man hours, monitor and control costs   to increase profitability.
- Sales: Create estimates for new Lawn Maintenance and Snow Removal accounts

Long-term duties include:
- Oversee multiple Crew Leaders /Managers and overall business operations
- Spend majority of time doing sales to find new Lawn Maintenance and Snow   Removal customers. 

Job Requirements:
- Have strong people management AND sales skills
- Enjoy dealing and selling to customers 
- 5 years experience in Lawn Maintenance and Snow Removal Management
- Entrepreneurial spirit and enjoy working in a small business setting
- Self starter
- Work experience in the Midwest Climate
- Have excellent organization skills and be able to multi-task effectively

$32,000 to $35,000

- Please Email Resume to wellmanlawn@gmail.com

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