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J.J. Swartz Co.
Job Description
Job Title: Production

The results of production (both positive and negative) reflect heavily on J.J. Swartz Co. The role of the Production is vital to ensuring projects go from Sale to high quality completion as quickly, and efficiently as possible. This position reports directly to the Production Manager. Production is an integral role in the success of any and all projects.

Estimate Review
• Review files from sales staff and perform accurate estimate review to ensure costs are appropriate for labor, material, and subcontractor costs
• Understand and put on paper the necessary costs revisions associated with specified remodeling projects along with detailed description of actions to be performed by salesman to complete project estimate
• Work with sales person to get full detailed scope of work
• Research opportunities for cost savings

• Order materials
• Collaborate with Production Manager as needed to schedule and prioritize projects based on resources and customer needs
• Maintain and communicate production schedule while keeping Sales informed of any changes that could impact project
• Assign appropriate Sub Contractor and production staff as needed to projects
• Communicate timelines and project expectations to Production Manager and discuss any scheduling concerns
• Schedule and attend pre-construction meeting on site with Sales Manager
• Maintain constant communication with sales manager to ensure mutual understanding of existing project status and upcoming projects

Customer Service
• Communicate with customer before project begins of expected start time and details of project
• Maintain communication with customers throughout the project on expectations and schedule changes
• Follow up after project to ensure 100% satisfaction and schedule the walkthrough with sales and production

Field Inspections
• Perform regular field inspections on all active projects
• Immediately respond to production issues as they arise
o Immediately Communicate any significant changes, delays, or risks to Production Manager
• to aid in developing employees based on skills needed, and their desired career paths

• Attend and actively participate in Pre-construction Meetings
• Attend and actively participate in Monthly All Employee Meetings

Safety Training
• Ensure compliance with OSHA training requirements with production staff team.

Quality Assurance
• Provide necessary support to team to ensure highest possible quality of work and customer satisfaction
• Report and prioritize the most effective means for production with President
• Actively communicate with President on any findings or conclusive ideas of how to improve production

To apply, email resume to bswartz@jjswartzco.com
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